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Synthetic Mediart 2021 / DilemmA(rt)


Synthetic Mediart 2019

Osmosis media art festival evolved from moving images, video, digital and audiovisual cultures. Based on past accumulations and practices, in 2019 we will expand media art and shift to synthetic media related to standardization and combination of art forms and give prominence of conditioning synthesis from transplant and graft between old and new media as well as the new principle of uncertainty and scotoma. 


Facing the technology and capital-oriented production mode, think about artificial, ready-made, synthesis and combination to compare with operationality of things; the differentiation of wetware was emphasized behind the homogeneity of hardware and software. On the way of technical media transmits and processes culture under such a derivative of post-tech, new materialism, superhumans, non-humanization, content farm and data shadow, what kind of interactions, illusions and side effects will occur? 


In the technological torrent, a boat was built in the name of reminiscence to cross the waters of oblivion and atone for post-human, cloning and robot to find the force.  


(The generalization: comprehensive, compositing, imaginary, fictitious or artificial perspective of semantic interpretation and phenomenon or a synthetic approach extracted from synthetic biology. Meanwhile, we keep abstract, non-narrative, mystical and exceptional imaginations). 16. 09. 2018                                                                                                                                                       ​


滲透媒體藝術節(Osmosis AV Media Fest) 從動態影像、錄像、數位和影音⽂化演變⽽來。經過以往的累積和實踐,於2019年我們將擴展媒體藝術並轉移為合成媒體 (Synthetic Mediart),包括各形式的標準化和組合,突顯新舊媒體之間嫁接和移植的作用及新的不確定性原理和盲點。 





(Synthetic 現象可從歸納的語意上解讀如: 綜合的、合成的、假想的、虛構的乃至人造的角度或是從合成生物學中的⼿法觀點,我們同時也保留抽象、非敘事、神秘和例外的想像)。

ⓒ ART SHELTER & CINEMA 2014-2021

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