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Date 3/22 ~ 3/29 












 開幕 Opening party  3/ 27 (FRI)  13:00 – 15:00 


時間/ Date: 3月27日(FRI)  13:00 – 15:00

地點:空場 (112台北市北投區北投路一段9號)

Location: Polymer (No.9, Sec. 1, Beitou Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112)


演出藝術家Performing Artists:

台灣:海星星Wen-Hsin Teng, Pacific Romance(YuJun Ye 葉育君 & Alexis Mailles), 盧子珩&楊政(LU ZIHENG & Cevo Yang)


新加坡:Dennis Tan&Zai Tang&Shark Li Fun



 影像裝置展 Video Exhibition  3/ 22 - 3/ 29 


時間/ Date: 3月22日(SUN) – 3月29日(SUN)  12:00 – 18:00


地點:空場 (112台北市北投區北投路一段9號)

Location: Polymer (No.9, Sec. 1, Beitou Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112)


展出單元/ Video programs :


台灣120分鐘影像單元/ programsof tamtamart taipei & A.S.C 

日本東京前衛影像藝術節60分鐘影像單元/ HORS PISTES TOKYO

中國上海N分鐘錄像藝術節 60分鐘影像單元/ N-Minutes Video Art Festival

新加坡藝術村90分鐘影像單元/ The Artists Village

韓國90分鐘影像單元/ Community space Litmus

法國藝術空間60分鐘影像單元/ program of Le Gran Lux &  Ker*


開幕 Opening party 

3/ 27


影像裝置展 Video Exhibition

3/ 22~3/ 29


中國上海N分鐘錄像藝術節 N-Minutes Video Art Festival

龐畢度/東京前衛影像 Hors Pistes Tokyo (JP)


為引進國際新興藝術家,HORS PISTES 東京介紹了亞洲的年輕演


錄片以及動畫,此次這些作品是選自 HORS PISTES TOKYO 2011

年至2014 年間的作品。


Well known for introducing international new talents, Hors Pistes Tokyo introduces young Asian artists. This program showcases diversity of filmic expression, video art, documentary and animation,selected from Hors Pistes Tokyo 2011-2014.


CURATOR:Chizuru Usui


ARTISTS:Isamu Hirabayashi、Mariko Sugihara、UMMMI、

Sera Fukuzaki、Masayuki Kawai、Shuhei Nishiyama


上海N分鐘錄像藝術節N - Minutes Video Art Festival (CH)




This project works of 10 artists are selected based on the

levels of their independent mind and creation system. The

themes are not limited, and are called for more opening

and experimental spirits. New works and existing works with

new spirits will, together, in part reflect the development of

moving image cultivated by Chinese culture, and provide

reference and clues for people and institutions interested

in moving image.


CURATOR:黎寧春 Ning-Chun Li


ARTISTS:陆春生 Chun-Sheng Lu、张乐华 Le-Hua Zhang

李消非 Xiao-Fei Li、程然 Ran Cheng、易连 Elian

蒋志 Zhi Jiang、李明 Ming Li、关小 Xiao Guan、

徐喆 Zhe Xu、木巾 Jin Mu


The Artists Village 
Community space Litmus

新加坡藝術村 The Artists Village (SG)








10 video works by the members of The Artists Village talks

about methodological experimentation, medium manipulation,

subject and social displacement. The artists are practitioners in various disciplines and artforms. There are distinctive performative elements and strategies in chronicling.

The videos will present contextual messages and

meanings in accordance with the artists' processes and

perspectives in contemporary life.




ARTISTS:Marcel Gaspar、Jason J S Lee、Jacquelyn Soo

Christopherson Ho、Chand Chandramohan、

Sophia Natasha Wei Junhao(with Mabel Sim Jiahui)

Ezzam Rahman (with Daniela Beltrani)、Urich Lau

Jeremy Hiah、Gilles Massot

Le Gran Lux & 

韓國影像「未開發之地 The Wild」 (KR)








The feeling of ‘the wild’ which is expressed through the media art, it is a kind of performance that can produce the unique ‘aesthetic effect’. We have to try to extract ‘the-micro-wild’ from the unfolded media-panorama of

our universe, and then give energy to it and fold audio-visuality in it as well. It’s the very essence of the media art.

We believe that the korean artworks will contribute to that effect also.


CURATOR:Yongsung Paik


ARTISTS:Sinifie、June Park、Hye- Jung Shim、Yoo- Hee Ko

Sook - Hyun Kim、Sang - Woo Kang

Hong - Bing Kim Oh- Eun Lee





法國影像「來來回回 Round Trip」 (FR)





" "This video program is round trip, a mix, a dialogue

between the film and video. It is designed as a whole from

disparate elements who did not think get together.

This is a blu-ray : a space visual data storage. A journey of

an hour and minutes in the land of amateur-camaramen

from all backgrounds and all ages.

"Thank you for watching" wish you a good trip." "



CURATOR:Christophe Leymarie



ARTISTS:Gran Lux、Atelier MTK、anonymous people

tamtamART + ASC (TW)




The subjects of five art works presented at tamtamART

theme encompass existence, such as environments of

existence, identities of existence, and appearances of

existence. We can see the artists in their images, the

unique variation of time and space in their images and the

diversified character transformation.


CURATOR:洪韵婷 Yun-Ting Hung & 鄒逸真 I-Chen Tsou

ARTISTS:Pacific Romance(葉育君 Yu - Jun Ye x Alexis Mailles)

吳梓寧 Tzu-Ning Wu、杜珮詩 Pei-Shih Tu

范曉嵐 Hsiao-Lan Fan、陳依純 I-Chun Chen



 ASC program






TAIWANew VIEDO ART program focuses on Taiwanese emerging artists who are working from everywhere such as UK, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Taiwan. These art works are collected together to bring thriving atmosphere; it also seems like onomatopoeia of the meaning of “Tamtam”. The multicultural experiences and arts are echoing the vivid and vigorous “FormosART”!


CURATOR:何尉民 Wei- Ming Ho

ARTISTS:詹育杰 Yu-Chieh Chan、孫瑞鴻 Ruey-Horng Sun、吳燦政 Tsan - Cheng Wu、徐嘒壎 Hui-Hsuan Hsu、侯建呈 Chien-Cheng Hou、李若玫 Jo-Mei Lee、鄭先喻 Xian-Yu Zheng、樊智銘 Chih-Ming Fan、吳宜曄 I - Yeh Wu、何昱達 Yuda Ho





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